The Mountaintop

Our second day of walking: We were only a few kilometers from where we started, but I could already see a difference in the land around us. The farm dirt was no longer black with volcanic rock, but had softened to a deep brown. The trees were thicker. But the one thing that did notContinue reading “The Mountaintop”

In the face of tragedy

Last night, as I sat waiting for news, for updates, for people to hit that “I’m safe” button on Facebook, I posted this to a Facebook group of Via Podiensis (Le Puy to St. Jean) pilgrims: Seven months ago, I did not personally know anyone who lived in Paris. I had never even been to France. LastContinue reading “In the face of tragedy”

Camino Playlist: My Theme Song

So last week I introduced you to the Camino’s official anthem. Today I want to add my own personal anthem to the playlist. Because if you’re going to walk 1600 kilometers with your husband (who is also your best friend and generally favorite person, even on the bad days), there’s no way that this doesn’tContinue reading “Camino Playlist: My Theme Song”

The Itch to Write

When we first got back from our Camino, there were three questions I heard all the time—and I was terrible at answering all of them. How was it? How do I summarize three months, a thousand years of history, a thousand miles of walking? It was great. Amazing. Hard. Humbling. Beautiful. Awesome. If I sawContinue reading “The Itch to Write”