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Two sheltered Americans take a three-month break from careers, home, and the Internet to backpack a 900-year-old trail across Europe.

That’s the tagline for my book-in-progress, Walking to the End of the World: A Thousand Miles on the Camino de Santiago, which I’m calling a “travel guide masquerading as a memoir.” Here’s the longer description:

In April 2015, Beth and Eric Jusino, laden with backpacks and nerves, walked out of a French cathedral in the historic village of Le Puy, down a cobblestone street, and turned west. Seventy-nine days, one thousand miles, two countries, two mountain ranges, and three pair of destroyed shoes later, they reached the Atlantic Ocean. To get there, they followed the 900-year-old Way of Saint James, commonly known as the Camino de Santiago. This was not really a journey of hardship – they showered every day, slept in real beds every night, and enjoyed plenty of French cheese and Spanish Rioja along the way. They also spent 14 hours a day outside, away from all electronic devices, hiking and talking with people from around the world. Walking Together to the End of the World is their story of an adventure lived at a more human pace, written as a travelogue and personal guide for those who are also in search of their own accessible adventure.

Books, like babies, take a long time to gestate before they’re ready to be born. But I’m working with a fantastic publisher (shout out to Mountaineers Books), and we’ll have it in your hands by Fall 2018.


If you sign up for the Camino Times Two Book Club, you’ll be the first to know about progress and release dates…and I may even send you a preview chapter or two.


Or you can subscribe to this blog using the link on the right, use the Comments for your suggestions, and stay tuned for more updates.


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