The Book

Yes, I’m writing our Camino story, from Le Puy to Finesterre.

Yes, it will include the story of the rogue cows that chased us down a French farm road, and the time that the German women made Eric strip to his underwear, and what happened when I hugged the statue of St. James just a little too hard in the Cathedral of Santiago.

The beginning of the great cow chase

And yes, I hope to have it in your hands soon. Maybe even in 2016. But this is a project I want to do well, not just quickly.

Books, like babies, take a long time to gestate before they’re ready to be born.

But if you sign up for the Camino Times Two Book Club, you’ll be the first to know about progress and release dates…and I may even send you a preview chapter or two.


Or you can subscribe to this blog using the link on the right, use the Comments for your suggestions, and stay tuned for more updates.

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