2 Months to Release: An Update

Writing and publishing a book, I’m learning, does weird things to time. On one hand, it seems like I’ve been working toward the release of Walking to the End of the World forever (well, okay, three years). On the other hand, the days left before release are flying by. October 1 is just around the corner, and stuff is happening.


While Eric and I were back in northern Spain this spring, walking the first half of the Camino del Norte, my fabulous publisher Mountaineers Books was coordinating with some of my favorite, most admired travel writers from both the Camino community and beyond. So many people — including Geraldine DeRuiter (All Over the Place), Kevin A. Codd (To the Field of Stars), Wendy Hinman (Sea Trials), and Steve Watkins (Pilgrim Strong) — were gracious enough to read and endorse my story with words like vividenchanting, wholly fresh, and self-deprecating. (Umm, is that last one a compliment?) You can read all of the endorsements on the Book page.

Off to Press! 

The book itself has been sent to the printer, much to my editors’ relief, which means all of the text is (finally) locked in. I’ll get to hold a “real” book in a few more weeks, and while the official release date is October 1, I’m told that copies will start trickling out before then. (So if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy from your favorite Everything Storeindependent bookstore, or direct from the publisher, now would be a good time.)


Did you notice that new link up in the header? It’s still early, but book signings and presentations are already starting to fill my fall calendar. There are seven events now confirmed, spread across three states (yes, Colorado, I’m coming to you!), with more being added all the time. Check the Events calendar for the latest, and I’ll remind you as dates get closer. (Interested in me speaking at your local bookstore, travel store, book club meeting, or library? I’d love to. Shoot me an email.)


Are you in Instagram? A couple of weeks ago I started a #walkingtotheendoftheworld countdown, tracing our Camino journey from Le Puy to Finisterre backwards with one photo from each day of the journey. It will end at the beginning, Le Puy, on October 1, just in time for you to start reading. Follow me (or just stalk the page if you’re not on IG) to see some of my favorite visual moments. (There are lots of Camino del Norte pics from this year, too.)


And of course, there’s this blog. I have plans, some of them more reasonable than others, about how to grow this over the next few months. In addition to the Norte stories, I’m planning more gear and media reviews. Is there anything else you want to see? Questions you’re curious to explore? Leave me a comment.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement in all of these ventures. I couldn’t do it without you. (And I wouldn’t want to.)

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Editor. Writer. Teacher. Pilgrim. At home in the Pacific Northwest.

One thought on “2 Months to Release: An Update

  1. I’ve just finished reading your book. I don’t ‘do’ books but your book got me instantly hooked. It was a brilliant read. It portrayed reality of a pilgrimage allowing readers to judge for themselves if they can undertake such a challenge. I’m going to donate it to someone I know will also love to read it. Thank you for sharing your camino experience with everyone!

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