2 Months to Release: An Update

Writing and publishing a book, I’m learning, does weird things to time. On one hand, it seems like I’ve been working toward the release of Walking to the End of the World forever (well, okay, three years). On the other hand, the days left before release are flying by. October 1 is just around the corner, andContinue reading “2 Months to Release: An Update”

Beyond Even the Stars: A Visit With Kevin A. Codd

My summer is in its full “manic mode,” with work and pre-release book stuff and social engagements filling up every corner of the weeks, and travel every weekend, and my poor Camino del Norte story sitting neglected here on the blog. I’ll get back to it, I really will. But before that, I need toContinue reading “Beyond Even the Stars: A Visit With Kevin A. Codd”