Camino Playlist: The Marching Song

Okay, don’t blame me for this new addition to the Camino Playlist.  This one was all Eric’s fault. And once it starts, it will get stuck in your head for HOURS.

However, when I was slogging through the French mud, in the middle of a downpour that wouldn’t end, I learned that making up our own dirtier lyrics to The Ants Go Marching was a good way to distract ourselves and kill some hours.

…And they all go marching down, to the ground, to get out of the rain.

For those of you more historically inclined, you may want to take a slightly different approach to the same tune. As I walked past monument after monument to the fallen soldiers of the Great War, my mind cycled through these lyrics often, as well:

Remember, you can stream the whole Camino Playlist on YouTube here, and read the back stories for each song by clicking the Camino Playlist category on the right.

And make your own song selections for walking, ore tell us what songs got stuck in your head, in the Comments below.

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