She Walking So Fast (Camino Playlist)

I’ve been neglecting the Camino Playlist recently. So I asked Eric, who is more musically driven than I am, anyway, to tell me about the songs that provided the soundtrack to his Camino. (Just because we went together doesn’t mean that we had the same experience…)

Without even thinking, he pointed me to Sylvan Esso’s “Hey Mami,” because of the repetition, the beat, and the line:

She walking so fast, she walking so fast, she walking so fast…

It’s a little more urban than Louis Armstrong, but hey, walking a thousand miles gives you plenty of time to mix up the musical genres. And it’s an appropriate choice for Eric, who usually left me in the dust…

But also a tempo that’s designed to get moving. I don’t know that treking along in the same clothes for 79 days is really a good way to “look like a babe,” but this goes onto my own Camino Training playlist, because it’s time to start thinking about the next long walk. (More on that later.)

You can see the whole Camino Playlist here, or see the links to all of the songs in the Camino Playlist category.

She walking so fast…

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