Meeting the Locals (Almost Wordless Wednesday)

There aren’t many (okay, any) wild animals on the Camino de Santiago, but there are plenty of (mostly) domestic ones. I think every dog in France came up to Eric wanting to play or be petted, and for a while the Camino turned into a veritable petting zoo:

This little guy saw us coming down the path and scooted away from his mama and under a fence to come greet us. His mama was not happy.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To find out if Eric was tasty.
A windswept tiny horse on the plains of L’Aubrac.
Tall horses demand attention (and maybe the sugar in Eric’s other hand) in Pais Basque.
This farm dog was mostly interested in sharing our picnic lunch.
Greeting a cat in an abandoned village
The cats of Foncebadon.
Wild, vicious dogs on the Camino? Not in our experience.

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