New Podcast with Out There: On Being a Secular Pilgrim and a Non-Outdoorsy Hiker

Need something to listen to on these long winter nights (especially for those of you in the Pacific Northwest, facing another week of being snowed in*)?

My interview with Out There Podcast about walking a thousand miles on the Camino de Santiago released this week.

Beth Jusino RELEASE

Last December, a radio producer came to my apartment and held a fuzzy microphone in front of my face for an hour (a great arm workout, by the way) while I chatted with Willow Belden, founder and host of Out There, the award-winning and fantastic podcast about the transformative experiences that people have in the outdoors.

The edited, polished, snazzy-sounding episode jumps in and goes deep. Willow and I talk about a lot in just 35 minutes, including:

  • The beautiful things that can happen when you stop saying, “I could never do that”
  • What the word pilgrimage means for a person who doesn’t have a spiritual or religious motivation for hiking
  • Trying to let go of the need to plan and control everything
  • Taking on a long-distance hike when you’re not at all “outdoorsy”

And so much more.

You can listen to the full episode here:

(And while you’re there, subscribe to Out There and listen to their other episodes, as well. It’s a great show.)

My favorite quote (can I have a favorite quote of myself?)

“I’m glad that we went for 79 days — because it took that long to un-peel my fingers, one by one, from my need to plan and control.”



* Yes, my midwestern friends, I know Seattle has had less than a foot of snow all year. But we are bad—really, really bad—at knowing what to do when all of our rain freezes. They cancel school here every time there’s snow in the forecast.

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