The Via Podiensis (Le Puy Camino) Memoirs

It’s winter, it’s raining, and the world is a complicated, messy place. Sometimes the only solution is to turn it all off and curl up with a good book. And when it comes to books about the Camino, your choices are plentiful. Amazon lists 60 memoirs with the key words Camino de Santiago, and thatContinue reading “The Via Podiensis (Le Puy Camino) Memoirs”

Books to Guide Your Camino

Want to know more about the nuts-and-bolts of the Camino, or are you packing for your own pilgrimage? Here are the practical guides that got us there and back again. (I’ll tackle the never-ending stack of pilgrim memoirs in a later post.) Before You Go: Camino de Santiago: Practical Preparation and Background Don’t let theContinue reading “Books to Guide Your Camino”