Happy (Camino Playlist)

Last week I got an email from Eugene in Adelaide, Australia. Eric and I met Eugene at the end of our second day of walking the Camino, and I was over the moon to meet another native English speaker. (Although to an outside ear, Australian English and American English sound very different; a French pilgrim who was listening to us chatter away actually asked me “Americans and Australians understand each other?” and in several instances, we found ourselves “translating” our Australian friend’s English for our French friends, who could keep up with us but watched him like he was speaking another language.)

We walked for several days with Eugene, so I’m sure I’ll have more stories about him as time goes on, but for today, I want to jump in and share a video that he suggested adding to the slowly-expanding Camino Playlist. It’s been making me smile all day, and it’s perfect for pilgrims — both in tempo and in optics.

So clap along and enjoy the view of this Camino-inspired rendition of Pharrell’s Happy. 

For all of my recent stories of rain and hardships, this is what so much of the Camino is like.


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2 thoughts on “Happy (Camino Playlist)

    1. Thanks!

      No, it’ not Eugene. Not sure who the guy in the video is; in the comments he says he never expected the attention, but just made this for a few friends. 🙂

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