How to Thru-Hike Without Suffering: My Ignite Seattle Talk

The book is launched, the book tour is happening, and right now I’m just trying to keep up with it all. We started with a bang last week, when I had the gift of sharing the Camino with a crowd of 600 people at Ignite Seattle, “the largest open submission public speaking event in the Pacific Northwest.”Continue reading “How to Thru-Hike Without Suffering: My Ignite Seattle Talk”

Camino By Sea (Video)

It’s often said that the Camino begins as soon as you walk out your own door, wherever you are. According to the official statistics provided by the official Pilgrim’s Reception Office, in 2016: 91% completed the Camino on foot 8.5% by bike Then, in that final half a percent, there were four Irish guys whoContinue reading “Camino By Sea (Video)”

The Pyrenees Crossing in 3 Minutes (Video)

  Before I walked my first Camino, when I looked at the whole trip spread out before me, there was one part that scared me more than any other: the day I would walk over the Pyrenees. I’ve written about my own walk from St Jean Pied-de-Port to Roncevalles before. Every pilgrim who’s done itContinue reading “The Pyrenees Crossing in 3 Minutes (Video)”

Spend 4 Minutes on the Camino Frances

What is it like to walk from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela? I just found a video that sums it up and edits it down to just 4 minutes. It looks like they walked about the same time last year that we did, and so everything here is so familiar IContinue reading “Spend 4 Minutes on the Camino Frances”

Spend 3 Minutes on the Chemin du Puy

If you leave from Le Puy, this is what you’ll see in your first two weeks of walking, including France’s most beautiful villages” of Saint Come d’Holt, Espalion, Estaing, and Conques, and the stunning high plateau pastures of L’Aubrac.

Sunny Days (Camino Playlist)

Seattle has been soggy and wet for the past few weeks, with record rainfalls (and for Seattle, that’s saying a lot). As I sit inside, safe and dry, and watch the puddles spread across the whole street, and the grass turn into swamps, I’m thinking a lot about how life as a pilgrim meant beingContinue reading “Sunny Days (Camino Playlist)”

The Camino Theme Song

Did you know that the Camino de Santiago has a theme song? We were ten days into our trip, staying in a former monastery in Conques and sharing dinner with about fifty pilgrims from all over the world (the most we ever saw together in France) when the gite volunteers pulled out an easel, a flipContinue reading “The Camino Theme Song”