The Pyrenees Crossing in 3 Minutes (Video)


Before I walked my first Camino, when I looked at the whole trip spread out before me, there was one part that scared me more than any other: the day I would walk over the Pyrenees.

I’ve written about my own walk from St Jean Pied-de-Port to Roncevalles before. Every pilgrim who’s done it talks about it. We share war stories first in the cafes and albergues along the way, and later in our books, our blogs, and our local APOC gatherings.  There’s nothing else on the Camino Frances that’s quite like the 1400 meter climb into the wilderness, far from any town of cafe con leche, surrounded only by grazing animals (and the line of fellow pilgrims).

But what is it REALLY like?

Thanks to YouTube and moreventure, we can relive it (or preview it) step by step:

Plus, the speed!

As the year draws to a close, this is what I feel like. The pressure of the holidays (shopping! parties! decorating! baking! travel!), plus the pressure of owning a small business and figuring out all of the end of year accounting, plus the lingering head cold…it’s all got me feeling a little “hyperspeed.”

But still. There was this one day I walked over the Pyrenees. How hard can Christmas week really be?



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