The Camino Theme Song

Did you know that the Camino de Santiago has a theme song?

We were ten days into our trip, staying in a former monastery in Conques and sharing dinner with about fifty pilgrims from all over the world (the most we ever saw together in France) when the gite volunteers pulled out an easel, a flip chart, and a guitar, and told us all to sing. It was a bit surreal, especially in French.

But the song, a mix of old French and Latin, with verses in modern French, will stick in your head and push you forward, kilometer after kilometer.

So here, for your enjoyment and inspiration, is Ultreia, along with some lovely images of some random guy’s pilgrimage in 2001.

The lyrics, roughly translated, are:

Every morning we take the path, Every morning we go further.

Day after day, the road calls us

It is the voice of Compostela.

Go further! Go further!

And go higher! God assist us!

Dirt road and Faith

Millennium way of Europe,

The Milky Way of Charlemagne

This is the way all my pilgrims.

Go further! Go further!

And go higher! God assist us!

And while there at the end of the continent,

Messire Jacques waits ahead,

Always his fixed smile

The sun dies in Finistère.

Go further! Go further!

And go higher! God assist us!

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