Afterlife (Camino Playlist)

A friend recently reminded me that I’ve been neglecting the Playlist here at Camino Times Two. Oops…

So here, for your listening enjoyment on a Wednesday…in the middle of what seems like a tough week…in the middle of a tough summer…in the middle of a tough year, is my absolute favorite playlist song for long walks, steep mountains, and rough terrain. I dare you to watch this and not smile.

Ingrid Michaelson’s “Afterlife” was my mantra song when I looked at the Pyrenees, and then when I tackled the even higher climb to O’ Cebreiro a few weeks after that. Those mountains looming up were my biggest fear going into the Camino…what if I just couldn’t do it? (I could, and I did, and so will you.)

What are you afraid of?

Setting out on your own?

That great big number of miles that you will walk before this is over?

Sharing space, and life, with strangers?

Traveling in a foreign country?

Don’t be…

You and me
We got this
You and me
We’re beautiful
We are
We are gonna be all right
We got
We got
We always got the fight in us


As always, you can view the whole Playlist in YouTube here. And if you have suggestions of the songs that meant the most to your Camino, share them in the comments.




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