Shadows (Almost Wordless Wednesday)

“If you have no shadows then you’re not walking in the light.” -Lady Gaga


The shadow photo is an inevitable part of the Camino. When you’re walking west, day after day, and leaving early in the morning, day after day, it’s always there.

I played with our Camino shadows on the long, boring walk into Burgos. The Way skirts an airport and passes through the industrial suburbs…definitely not the most scenic or inspiring part of the journey. But it was also our last morning walking with Ian, our friend from Seattle who’d joined us on the Camino for a few days at the end of his own European vacation (touring Belgian abbey breweries…doesn’t that sound amazing?)

The sun was bright, the jokes were flowing, and our shadows showed us where to go.



PS. There are longer stories and more practical Camino tips coming, I promise. I taught my very first “Walking the Camino” class last weekend, and it was amazing…there’s so much excitement and interest in this. And I’ve got a backlog of things I want to share. But it’s also a busy work season, and deadlines loom. So hang in there…more good stuff is coming. 🙂


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