“Am I a Pilgrim Wimp?”

I’ve been getting serious again about the book, and have (finally) been making some progress. Here’s a bit of Chapter Three, still tracing the early days of our walk from Le Puy. I felt good that night, surrounded by a people from all corners of the globe, enjoying the wine, feeling secure that my basicContinue reading ““Am I a Pilgrim Wimp?””

What a Wonderful World (Camino Playlist)

I spent last week on vacation, the first that Eric and I have taken since we got back from our Camino adventure eight months ago. Where did we go? To a place full of hiking trails, of course! The Sunshine Coast Trail is a 180-kilometer through-hiking trail in British Columbia, about seventy kilometers north ofContinue reading “What a Wonderful World (Camino Playlist)”

The Camino Paths (A Photo Tour)

People have been curious about the trails of the Camino. Were we walking on paved roads? Narrow dirt paths? Lots of rock, or fairly smooth? The answer is really “all of the above.” If you didn’t like the trail, all you had to do was keep walking for a couple of hours, and chances areContinue reading “The Camino Paths (A Photo Tour)”