Almost Wordless Wednesday: Holloways

Two Camino pilgrims walk through a Holloway near Arzua on the Camino Francés

If you’ve walked the Camino de Santiago, you’ve likely encountered a holloway, though you may not know it.

According to Atlas Obscura:

“Appearing like trenches dragged into the earth, sunken lanes, also called hollow-ways or holloways, are centuries-old thoroughfares worn down by the traffic of time. They’re one of the few examples of human-made infrastructure still serving its original purpose, although many who walk through holloways don’t realize they’re retracing ancient steps. The name ‘holloway’ is derived from ‘hola weg,’ meaning sunken road in Old English.”

Read the whole article and see photos of holloways around the world here.

What better reminder of how many feet have walked these ways before us?

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