My 5 Favorite Albergues on the Camino del Norte (that aren’t Güemes)

My Instagram feed is full of people on the Camino del Norte (check out Nadine Walks and Ben Camino and OTCamino), and I am filled with both memories and a little jealousy. I want to be walking on cliffs overlooking moody oceans! (Oh, wait, I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I spent last weekendContinue reading “My 5 Favorite Albergues on the Camino del Norte (that aren’t Güemes)”

Camino del Norte, Day 11: All in a Day’s Walk

Liendo to Noja: 20 km What is the Camino del Norte like? Lots of people have asked me that, and there’s no one good way to answer. So here is the story of a typical day on the Camino del Norte, full of moments of breathtaking beauty, mixed in with moments of fear, confusion, surprise,Continue reading “Camino del Norte, Day 11: All in a Day’s Walk”

Camino del Norte, Days 9-10: Cantabria

Pobeña to Castro Urdiales: 15 km Castro Urdiales to Liendo: 25 km “I’d forgotten this part of Camino life,” I wrote in my journal on the 9th day of walking. “When the magic becomes normal, the feeling that walking is the way that I live now. The steady pattern of walk-eat-sleep-repeat. Take care of your feet.Continue reading “Camino del Norte, Days 9-10: Cantabria”