3 (Almost-Weightless) Camino Packing Hacks

Here are the three small hacks I made to my Camino packing, based on the advice of pilgrims who went before me, that made a world of difference almost every day. … More 3 (Almost-Weightless) Camino Packing Hacks


One year ago…

  One year ago today, late on the night of April 4, I posted this on the American Pilgrims of the Camino Facebook page: We leave in 16 hours. The bags are too heavy. I don’t know the languages, and I’m told my accents are atrocious. I have barely trained. The house-sitting/pet-sitting plans are held … More One year ago…

My Camino Packing List

What does one carry on a pilgrimage across Europe? According to a scale of questionable accuracy in Aubrac, my pack, with water, weighed about 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds. That’s way more than what most ultralight backpackers would recommend, but it was never so much that I couldn’t carry it. My luxuries were small and carefully considered. … More My Camino Packing List

Ode to a Travel Pillow

If you spend any time at all in the pilgrim discussion boards and Facebook groups, you’ll discover that many of those who have walked the Camino have very strong feelings about how much everyone else’s backpack weighs. My pack was 6.4 pounds WITH WATER. Yeah? Well, I shaved off the handle of my toothbrush, wore only … More Ode to a Travel Pillow