Why I Turned Off My Cell Phone on the Camino

I admit it: I have the twitch: The instinctive urge to reach for the phone every time there’s a pause in life: waiting in line, or before a show or movie starts, or on the bus…or when there’s just a break in conversation. Am I missing something? What are other people doing? The desire toContinue reading “Why I Turned Off My Cell Phone on the Camino”

Radio Camino

A few days into our Camino, as my feet were slowly, finally, maybe starting to adjust to long days and the extra weight of a pack, Eric’s turned against him. His shoes cut awkwardly into his Achilles tendon, causing pain. So he switched to sandals, but those caused a dreaded ampoule—a blister. Wearing his sneakersContinue reading “Radio Camino”