Walking “the Whole” Camino

I saw another article this morning that referred to “the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile walk that stretches from the French border to the city of Santiago de Compostela.” The mistake was made by a reputable travel site, so I considered writing a polite letter to the editor, pointing out their error. But if IContinue reading “Walking “the Whole” Camino”

Camino del Norte: To Plan or Not to Plan, That Is the Question

Three weeks from today, we’ll be on an airplane, flying (direct!) from Seattle to Paris. Which means that right about now, I’m on that teetering seesaw between over-planning for the Camino del Norte and promising not to over-plan. I’ve got all of the gear: I’ve spent hours stalking REI Garage bargains, buying all of theContinue reading “Camino del Norte: To Plan or Not to Plan, That Is the Question”

Camino Shoes: Take 4

I’ve reached that part of my Camino planning when I’m buying all the things and simultaneously promising that I’ll pack lighter this time. You’d think by now, prepping for my third visit to the Camino, I’d have everything I need. But a new hiking shirt (and matching Buff headband) seemed justified, and, well, those pantsContinue reading “Camino Shoes: Take 4”

Camino Fears

Last week Laurel and I sat down to do some Camino planning. Mostly, we talked about the logistics: our packing lists, how we’re going to get to Pamplona, how far we wanted to walk on the first day, stuff like that. But we also ended up talking a lot about our Camino fears. We’re aContinue reading “Camino Fears”

How to Take a 3-Month Camino Sabbatical

“How long will you be in Europe?” said the bored-looking customs agent in Iceland. It was not yet 7am,Reykjavik time, and he looked like he needed coffee as much as I did. “Three months,” I answered. I’d found out (after I bought the plane tickets) that were pushing the limits of the 90-day automatic visaContinue reading “How to Take a 3-Month Camino Sabbatical”

Why I Turned Off My Cell Phone on the Camino

I admit it: I have the twitch: The instinctive urge to reach for the phone every time there’s a pause in life: waiting in line, or before a show or movie starts, or on the bus…or when there’s just a break in conversation. Am I missing something? What are other people doing? The desire toContinue reading “Why I Turned Off My Cell Phone on the Camino”