The Old Couple in Burgos

The first time I went to Burgos (I can say “first” now, since I’m officially planning the second trip), we arrived early in the day and had all afternoon to poke around. I loved the city, with its broad plazas and crooked streets. And mostly, I loved the modern, realistic statues scattered in the unexpected corners.

Of course, there’s this famous one. (So famous that somehow I didn’t end up taking a photo of my own, mostly because there always seemed to be a line of pilgrims waiting to pose with him.)

Photo: Francisco Martins/Creative Commons


And the newspaper reader.



And then there are these two:



They’re tucked under a shade tree in a busy plaza, without a plaque or sign (that I noticed, at least). Every time I walked past them, I smiled. Every time I look at the picture now, I smile.

They just both look so content.

So why am I telling you this? Because tomorrow (Saturday) Eric and I will mark another anniversary, and move another step closer to being these people. He asked me not to make a big “anniversary post” or anything on social media this year, so I won’t. I’ll just give you a lovely photo of a happy older couple, and say that in another few decades, I would like for us to be sitting next to them on that bench in Burgos (because of course we’ll still be traveling) so that we can gossip about what kids these days are doing, and maybe she can teach me how to knit. Or maybe we’ll all go for a stroll.


In the meantime, though, we’ll just pose with the pilgrims…





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