“Am I a Pilgrim Wimp?”

I’ve been getting serious again about the book, and have (finally) been making some progress. Here’s a bit of Chapter Three, still tracing the early days of our walk from Le Puy. I felt good that night, surrounded by a people from all corners of the globe, enjoying the wine, feeling secure that my basicContinue reading ““Am I a Pilgrim Wimp?””

What a Wonderful World (Camino Playlist)

I spent last week on vacation, the first that Eric and I have taken since we got back from our Camino adventure eight months ago. Where did we go? To a place full of hiking trails, of course! The Sunshine Coast Trail is a 180-kilometer through-hiking trail in British Columbia, about seventy kilometers north ofContinue reading “What a Wonderful World (Camino Playlist)”

Mulled Wine and Hailstorms

The 3am crack of thunder woke everyone in the room. Not that anyone said anything, of course. But I could hear the change in breath, the awareness as ten pilgrims listened to the rain outside the two single-pane windows and thought about the coming day. We were in Astorga, a city of moderate size tuckedContinue reading “Mulled Wine and Hailstorms”

The Mountaintop

Our second day of walking: We were only a few kilometers from where we started, but I could already see a difference in the land around us. The farm dirt was no longer black with volcanic rock, but had softened to a deep brown. The trees were thicker. But the one thing that did notContinue reading “The Mountaintop”

In the face of tragedy

Last night, as I sat waiting for news, for updates, for people to hit that “I’m safe” button on Facebook, I posted this to a Facebook group of Via Podiensis (Le Puy to St. Jean) pilgrims: Seven months ago, I did not personally know anyone who lived in Paris. I had never even been to France. LastContinue reading “In the face of tragedy”

The Itch to Write

When we first got back from our Camino, there were three questions I heard all the time—and I was terrible at answering all of them. How was it? How do I summarize three months, a thousand years of history, a thousand miles of walking? It was great. Amazing. Hard. Humbling. Beautiful. Awesome. If I sawContinue reading “The Itch to Write”