The Camino Credential

It’s here! A week ago I went to the American Pilgrims of the Camino website and requested a new credential for my upcoming mini-Camino. (I’ve started to call it Camino 1.3, because I’ll walk about a third of the Camino Frances.) And now here it is, all crisp and blank and pretty. In less thanContinue reading “The Camino Credential”

How to Take a 3-Month Camino Sabbatical

“How long will you be in Europe?” said the bored-looking customs agent in Iceland. It was not yet 7am,Reykjavik time, and he looked like he needed coffee as much as I did. “Three months,” I answered. I’d found out (after I bought the plane tickets) that were pushing the limits of the 90-day automatic visaContinue reading “How to Take a 3-Month Camino Sabbatical”

Why I Turned Off My Cell Phone on the Camino

I admit it: I have the twitch: The instinctive urge to reach for the phone every time there’s a pause in life: waiting in line, or before a show or movie starts, or on the bus…or when there’s just a break in conversation. Am I missing something? What are other people doing? The desire toContinue reading “Why I Turned Off My Cell Phone on the Camino”

When You Get Sick on the Camino

The first day of summer brought me a gift: the first head cold of summer. I’ve spent the past week on my couch, going through a full box of tissues, drinking gallons of green tea, and catching up on Season 3 of The Americans. I could do all of that, of course, because this summer I’mContinue reading “When You Get Sick on the Camino”